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Patient Bed Tracking System At KK Women and Children's Hospital

Client Background: 
Client is Singapore based Technology company specialized in RFID, Smart Card, Tags, Retail Cashless Payment and Visit Management System.
Client Requirement: 
Client need to design a device to track patient bed location for Singapore's KK Women and Children's Hospital. Client's existing design fell short of expectation. Green Antenna was called to the board to address the problem.
Project Synopsis: 

Green Antenna is to design a system with Communication range at 150m line of sight with conducted power at 10dBm and conducted sensitivity at -108dBm.  
We design the antenna at  the bottom of DUT  and print it on the PCB.   Low pass filter was added  to reduce EMC issue.  Design simulation was performed by SEMCAD X.  Design was successfully deployed.  Test data was collected with both  Pro-type and actual PCB measurement.  
For more information available HERE.

Project Starts: 
February, 2010 to April, 2010
2 Months

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