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OTA Measurement For WiFi and Blue Tooth Combo Antenna

Client Background: 
Client is a SGX (Singapore Stock Exchange) listed public company, a global leader in contract manufacturing and technical solution provider. The client company has strong expertise in printing, imaging, storage, RF communication, measurement and medical equipments.
Client Requirement: 
Client Need Measurement of a Wifi and Blue Tooth combo Antenna.
Project Synopsis: 

Green Antenna carried out the measurement for this Wifi plus Blue Tooth antenna, at Frequency Bands of:
WIFI 802.11bgn and Blue Tooth 2402Mhz to 2484Mhz.
WIFI 802.11an - 4900MHz to 5840MHz
Data of Antenna Efficiency and Antenna Rediation Pattern was collected and delivered to customer.

Project Starts: 
June, 2010
1 Day
Project Type: 

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