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Design And Solution



One stop antenna design solution

We provide 3D antenna simulation solution in development to :
1)   reduce risk factor in the product form factor.
2)   predict antenna performance to reduce development cycle time.
3)   produce antenna samples at early stage of development.
4)    We have in house 3D Anechoic Chamber (7mx3.6mx3.6m) to validate our designs in time.


Feasibility Study

1)   An initial study process to ensure that the project is feasible.
2)   A simulation model or a mockup unit is built to to access its characteristic



1)   Design ideas are tested and refined with repeated modeling and testing with simulation software.
2)   Errors are detected and corrected in early design stage.


Prototyping, Optimization and Validation

1)   The antenna simulated model will be send to factory for making prototypes.
2)   The prototypes will be integrated with device to perform iteration of optimization and validation.
3)   Once design is firm, factory off-tool samples will be built and fine tuned for best overall performance.
4)   Final tools will be released for mass production.


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