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Simulation of Quad Band Antenna for Mobile Phone

Client Background: 
A NYSE listed public company, one of the world largest maker of electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors and inter-connection system. Client has branch offices in major cities around the world. We worked with their Taiwan Branch Office.
Client Requirement: 
Client design a new mobile phone model. Green Antenna perform simulation during design phase.
Project Synopsis: 

Green Antenna perform simulation work account to client's spec:

FS GSM 850/900 TX 39.8% ,RX 31.62%

FS GSM 1800/1900 TX 39.8% ,RX 35.48% 

Right PH GSM 850 TX 8.91% ,RX 10%

Right PH GSM 900 TX 12.59% ,RX 12.59 %

Right PH GSM 1800 TX 25.12% ,RX 25.12% 

Right PH GSM 1900 TX 28.18% ,RX 25.12% 



The report of  report with return-loss , 3D efficiency and 3D radiation pattern was submitted to client.

Project Starts: 
August, 2010 to September, 2010
2 Weeks
Project Type: 

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