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Customized 3G/GSM and MIMO Wifi Antenna for Truck Tracking Device

Client Background: 
Client is a SGX (Singapore Stock Exchange) listed public company, a global leader in contract manufacturing and technical solution provider. The client company has strong expertise in printing, imaging, storage, RF communication, measurement and medical equipments.
Client Requirement: 
Client works on a truck tracking device. Green Antenna was engaged to design the Main Antenna and WIfi Antenna. 1) Penta-Band Antenna Including the following band: GSM Quad-Band, WCDMA Band 1,2,4 and 5 2) WiFi MIMO Antenna
Project Synopsis: 

Green antenna provide full service from feasibility study to prototype build.
1) Green Antenna carried out Antenna feasibility study and Antenna Simulation
2) Antenna prototype samples for each design phase and prototype build
3) Passive and active antenna measurement for every design phase
4)  Devices OTA test measurement report for each design phase
 Final design is submitted and approved by customer. Customer is satisfied with the performance of both the Penta-band  and WIfi MIMO antenna.

Project Starts: 
June, 2010 to September, 2010
3 Months

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