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Customized PCB Wifi Antenna for SD Memory Card

Client Background: 
Client is a Singapore based leading innovator for Mobile Media Solution, Wireless, Anti-Piracy, Compression and Encryption Solution.
Client Requirement: 
Client wish to design a SD memory card with built-in antenna for WIFI communication. Frequency Range: 2400Mhz to 2500MHz Devices Dimension: 32mm x 24mm x 2mm
Project Synopsis: 


The challenges faced in the design of such antenna are the limited antenna volume and the severe loading from nearby metallic structures. The design is optimized using simulation tool prior to prototype modeling and measurement. Antenna efficiency of 38% is achieved in actual operating environment when the memory card is placed inside a camera.


Green Antenna provided the follow services to customer


1) Wifi Antenna feasibility study and Simulation on SD Card

2) Antenna prototyping on SD card's PCB board

3) Passive antenna Measurement

4) Antenna measurement report


Full discussion of this design is available in this IEEE paper.  

Project Starts: 
November, 2010
4 Weeks

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