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Green Antenna Standard FPC GPS Antenna for Truck Tracking Device

Client Background: 
Client is a SGX (Singapore Stock Exchange) listed public company, a global leader in contract manufacturing and technical solution provider. The client company has strong expertise in printing, imaging, storage, RF communication, measurement and medical equipments.
Client Requirement: 
Client need a GPS antenna to be integrated into their Truck Tacking Device. 1) Frequency Range: GPS 1575Mhz 2) Devices Dimension: 250mm x 160mm x 50mm
Project Synopsis: 

Green Antenna carried out the feasibility study and proposed the Green Antenna FPC GPS Antenna (Part Number GA_383808GMV1)  to Client.  Green antenna provide the methods of integration of the FPC GPS antenna and OTA test measurement.
The Solution was accepted and approved by customer   
For more information of Green Antenna standard FPC antenna, Please click here

Project Starts: 
December, 2010 to January, 2011
4 Weeks

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