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Antenna Test Fixture

Green Antenna Test Fixture series are developed for and used by renowned phone manufacturers, for both R&D Development and Mass Production.
The fixtures are used to test antennas which are printed (LDS) or mounted (FPC) on mid-frame or phone back housing. The Test does not involve the phone PCB hardware or circuitry.
Testing Parameters
It is a passive test that only  the mid-frame or phone back housing with antennas are tested.  The testing parameters are return-loss ( S11 in dB)  and frequency of dip in return-loss (MHz).
In the use case of R&D, Engineers can use it to tune the antenna manufacturing process and collect data before mass production.
In the use case of  Mass production, Production engineers and QA engineers can use it to control the product quality and detect defect Antennas. Typical antenna defect cases are changes of material characteristic due to manufacturing process, broken of antenna printing, broken of antenna copper printing in FPC  due to over bending and  etc.
The Green Antenna Test Fixture series can test up to 6 antennas on mid-frame or phone back housing.
if client's Network Analyzer does not have sufficient ports to test 6 antennas sequentially , an additional RF Switching Box with Agilent Coaxial Multiport Switches will be needed. 
For R&D purpose, the test fixture can be used with Agilent Network Analyzer , Excel and Intuilink (freeware) from Agilent for antennas and phone housing  process tuning or data collection.
For manufacturing , a custom software is needed for customer's testing requirements, such as setting up test specification, setting up reference golden unit and  mass data collection.

Services Related To Antenna Test Fixture

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Antenna Test Fixture TF01

1) Mechanical Housing Study
2) Fixture Tuning with Customer’s provided mechanical housing
2) Cpk test

1) Antenna Test Fixtures
2) Antenna Test Fixtures Reports ( Return Loss and Cpk results)

3 Weeks

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