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This page chronicles projects we have performed. You may narrow your search using the filter below.

To discuss further details with us, you may email us at, or use the Contact Us page.

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Green Antenna Standard FPC GPS Antenna for Truck Tracking Device

Green Antenna carried out the feasibility study and proposed the Green Antenna FPC GPS Antenna (Part Number GA_383808GMV1)  to Client.  Green antenna provide the methods of integration of the FPC GPS antenna and OTA test measurement.
The Solution was accepted and approved by customer   
For more information of Green Antenna standard FPC antenna, Please click here

Bluetooth Passive Antenna Test Measurement on Existing Device


Green Antenna perform the following works:


1. Bluetooth Antenna fixture

2. 3D Antenna efficiency passive tests in in-house Anechoic Chamber  (7m x 3.6m x 3.6m, frequency range 400MHz - 6GHz).

3. Device's test report, Efficiency Results, 3D Antenna radiation Pattern, Return loss and VSWR plot.

4. Provide three prototype runs of passive antenna measurement and report.

Customized GSM Quaq-Band Antenna for Personal Emergency Tracking Device


1) Green Antenna carried out the Antenna feasibility study and Antenna Simulation
2) Antenna prototype samples for each design phase and prototype build
3) Passive and active antenna measurement for every design phase
4)  Devices OTA test measurement report for each design phase
5) Antennas for mass production 
 The final customized antenna design is submitted and approved by customer.

Supply Probe Pins to Support Antenna Test Fixture

Green Antenna Supply Test Pogo Pins to Client.

Test Fixture Modification and Validation

Green Antenna modified the fixture according to client's requirement.

Customized PCB Wifi Antenna for SD Memory Card


The challenges faced in the design of such antenna are the limited antenna volume and the severe loading from nearby metallic structures. The design is optimized using simulation tool prior to prototype modeling and measurement. Antenna efficiency of 38% is achieved in actual operating environment when the memory card is placed inside a camera.


Green Antenna provided the follow services to customer


1) Wifi Antenna feasibility study and Simulation on SD Card

2) Antenna prototyping on SD card's PCB board

3) Passive antenna Measurement

4) Antenna measurement report


Full discussion of this design is available in this IEEE paper.  

Movable RF Absorber Wall

Green Antenna built a movable wall for client.  The wall was built on a movable base, with microwave absorber material on surface.  Client may move the wall to appropriate location of their lab to carry out accurate test and measurement.

Supply RF Measurement Parts to Client

We sourced and supplied to client required parts, including power splitter, indoor  cables and various SMA connectors.  

Antenna Metal Stamping Tools and Samples

Green Antenna provided clients with Matal Stamping Tools and off-tool samples.

Antennas test fixture for manufacturing test system

 A full set of Antenna test fixture is design according to client's requirement
1) Customized to customer's Antenna housing/carrier assembly
2) Capable to measure 2 Antennas return loss at the same time
3) Able to detect manufacturing defects by capturing the detuned Antenna return loss
4) Highly reliable, meet 6 sigma requirement  
The Green Antenna test fixture was approved by customer and use in their manufacturing process. It helps our client to cut down their manufacturing process time and cost.
For more information on Green Antenna Test fixture, please click here


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