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Customized 3G/GSM and MIMO Wifi Antenna for Truck Tracking Device

Green antenna provide full service from feasibility study to prototype build.
1) Green Antenna carried out Antenna feasibility study and Antenna Simulation
2) Antenna prototype samples for each design phase and prototype build
3) Passive and active antenna measurement for every design phase
4)  Devices OTA test measurement report for each design phase
 Final design is submitted and approved by customer. Customer is satisfied with the performance of both the Penta-band  and WIfi MIMO antenna.

CDMA Antenna Testing Fixture


Green Antenna built to customer's order of one antenna return-loss test Fixture ( Full set).  The Antenna is CDMA P2k - 850,1800 and 1900.

Simulation of Quad Band Antenna for Mobile Phone

Green Antenna perform simulation work account to client's spec:

FS GSM 850/900 TX 39.8% ,RX 31.62%

FS GSM 1800/1900 TX 39.8% ,RX 35.48% 

Right PH GSM 850 TX 8.91% ,RX 10%

Right PH GSM 900 TX 12.59% ,RX 12.59 %

Right PH GSM 1800 TX 25.12% ,RX 25.12% 

Right PH GSM 1900 TX 28.18% ,RX 25.12% 



The report of  report with return-loss , 3D efficiency and 3D radiation pattern was submitted to client.

Multiple Antenna Test Fixture capable to test 4 antennas for manufacturing test system

 A full set of Antenna test fixture is design according to client's requirement
1) Customized to customer's Antenna housing/carrier assembly with 4 antennas
2) Capable to measure 4 Antennas return loss at the same time
3) Able to detect manufacturing defects by capturing the detuned Antenna return loss
4) Highly reliable, meet 6 sigma requirement  
The Green Antenna test fixture was approved by customer and use in their manufacturing process. It helps our client to cut down their manufacturing process time and cost.
For more information on Green Antenna Test Fixture, please click here

Antenna Design Support - Plastic Tooling

We provide plastic tooling and mock up sample to support client's production. 

2G Quad Band Antenna Design for Personal Communication Device

The antenna was designed with following frequency bands:

1. 850 Band (824MHz- 894MHz)

2. 900 Band (880MHz - 960MHz)

3. DCS Band (1710MHz-1880MHz)

4. PCS Band (1850MHz- 1990MHz)


Two prototype builds were run.  Measurement of 3D efficiency and S11 were performed on each prototype.  TRP and TIS measurement were also included.  Final design was submitted and approved by client.

RF Testing Fixtures For Two Antennas

The test fixture was designed in two parts.  A top nesting unit which hold the DUT (device under test), a switch box which control the signal flow.  At production line, the fixture is connected with a Network Analyzer and a computer.  Under the control of a testing software,  measurement time of 2 seconds per unit was achieved. 

Mockup Samples for Antenna Design

Green Antenna provided mockup samples for the designed antenna.  The mockup sample includes metal stamping and carrier.  

Antenna Optimization and Matching for New PCB Layout


Green Antenna performed:


1.  Pre-production Antenna optimization and matching on bare PCB.

2.  After-production Antenna validation, optimization and matching on loaded PCB


Final result is successfully presented and accepted by client. 

OTA Measurement For WiFi and Blue Tooth Combo Antenna

Green Antenna carried out the measurement for this Wifi plus Blue Tooth antenna, at Frequency Bands of:
WIFI 802.11bgn and Blue Tooth 2402Mhz to 2484Mhz.
WIFI 802.11an - 4900MHz to 5840MHz
Data of Antenna Efficiency and Antenna Rediation Pattern was collected and delivered to customer.


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