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Blue Tooth

Bluetooth Passive Antenna Test Measurement on Existing Device


Green Antenna perform the following works:


1. Bluetooth Antenna fixture

2. 3D Antenna efficiency passive tests in in-house Anechoic Chamber  (7m x 3.6m x 3.6m, frequency range 400MHz - 6GHz).

3. Device's test report, Efficiency Results, 3D Antenna radiation Pattern, Return loss and VSWR plot.

4. Provide three prototype runs of passive antenna measurement and report.

OTA Measurement For WiFi and Blue Tooth Combo Antenna

Green Antenna carried out the measurement for this Wifi plus Blue Tooth antenna, at Frequency Bands of:
WIFI 802.11bgn and Blue Tooth 2402Mhz to 2484Mhz.
WIFI 802.11an - 4900MHz to 5840MHz
Data of Antenna Efficiency and Antenna Rediation Pattern was collected and delivered to customer.

All In One Antenna (WWAN, BT, WIFI, 2XMIMO) For Warehouse and Cargo Fleet Tracking System

Green Antenna was responsible for the antenna design for this deivce.   2 different kinds of antenna was required:
1.  All in One antenna which includes WWAN, Blue Tooth, WIFI, 2XMIMO.  This includes:

  • 3G Penta-band antenna, including GSM 900/850/1800/1900, WCDMA Band 1, II, V, VIII (2100, 1900, 850, 900) and CDMA 850/1900.
  • BT alone Antenna 2402 MHZ to 2484 MHz.
  • WIFI 2XMIMO antenna

2.  Blue Tooth plus WIFI combo antenna.  This includes:

OTA Test for Bluetooth Antenna

Green antenna was appointed to provide testing service for the blue tooth antenna of this printer.   Client needed to place the antenna at two different locations.  Test should be carried out with two different placement of the DUT (device under test).   To facility testing, we have fabricated bluetooth antenna passive fixtures.  The antenna was then placed at two different locations of the printer to carry out the test.   Report of Antenna Rediated Efficiency and Return Loss was submitted to and approved by client.

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