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Customized GSM Quaq-Band Antenna for Personal Emergency Tracking Device

1) Green Antenna carried out the Antenna feasibility study and Antenna Simulation
2) Antenna prototype samples for each design phase and prototype build
3) Passive and active antenna measurement for every design phase
4)  Devices OTA test measurement report for each design phase
5) Antennas for mass production 
 The final customized antenna design is submitted and approved by customer.

Mockup Samples for Antenna Design

Green Antenna provided mockup samples for the designed antenna.  The mockup sample includes metal stamping and carrier.  

GSM Quad Band and GPS Antenna Design For Track Fleet Tracking System

The project required 3 different types of antennas:
1.  GSM Quad band antenna.
2.  GPS antenna.
3.  433MHZ antenna.  
Green Antenna carried out all the necessory step of feasibility study, simulation, prototyping and validation.  

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