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Antenna Design

2G Quad Band Antenna Design for Personal Communication Device

The antenna was designed with following frequency bands:

1. 850 Band (824MHz- 894MHz)

2. 900 Band (880MHz - 960MHz)

3. DCS Band (1710MHz-1880MHz)

4. PCS Band (1850MHz- 1990MHz)


Two prototype builds were run.  Measurement of 3D efficiency and S11 were performed on each prototype.  TRP and TIS measurement were also included.  Final design was submitted and approved by client.

Mockup Samples for Antenna Design

Green Antenna provided mockup samples for the designed antenna.  The mockup sample includes metal stamping and carrier.  

Antenna Optimization and Matching for New PCB Layout


Green Antenna performed:


1.  Pre-production Antenna optimization and matching on bare PCB.

2.  After-production Antenna validation, optimization and matching on loaded PCB


Final result is successfully presented and accepted by client. 

Patient Bed Tracking System At KK Women and Children's Hospital

Green Antenna is to design a system with Communication range at 150m line of sight with conducted power at 10dBm and conducted sensitivity at -108dBm.  
We design the antenna at  the bottom of DUT  and print it on the PCB.   Low pass filter was added  to reduce EMC issue.  Design simulation was performed by SEMCAD X.  Design was successfully deployed.  Test data was collected with both  Pro-type and actual PCB measurement.  

GSM Quad Band and GPS Antenna Design For Track Fleet Tracking System

The project required 3 different types of antennas:
1.  GSM Quad band antenna.
2.  GPS antenna.
3.  433MHZ antenna.  
Green Antenna carried out all the necessory step of feasibility study, simulation, prototyping and validation.  

All In One Antenna (WWAN, BT, WIFI, 2XMIMO) For Warehouse and Cargo Fleet Tracking System

Green Antenna was responsible for the antenna design for this deivce.   2 different kinds of antenna was required:
1.  All in One antenna which includes WWAN, Blue Tooth, WIFI, 2XMIMO.  This includes:

  • 3G Penta-band antenna, including GSM 900/850/1800/1900, WCDMA Band 1, II, V, VIII (2100, 1900, 850, 900) and CDMA 850/1900.
  • BT alone Antenna 2402 MHZ to 2484 MHz.
  • WIFI 2XMIMO antenna

2.  Blue Tooth plus WIFI combo antenna.  This includes:


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