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Mobile Phone

Antennas test fixture for manufacturing test system

 A full set of Antenna test fixture is design according to client's requirement
1) Customized to customer's Antenna housing/carrier assembly
2) Capable to measure 2 Antennas return loss at the same time
3) Able to detect manufacturing defects by capturing the detuned Antenna return loss
4) Highly reliable, meet 6 sigma requirement  
The Green Antenna test fixture was approved by customer and use in their manufacturing process. It helps our client to cut down their manufacturing process time and cost.

Simulation of Quad Band Antenna for Mobile Phone

Green Antenna perform simulation work account to client's spec:

FS GSM 850/900 TX 39.8% ,RX 31.62%

FS GSM 1800/1900 TX 39.8% ,RX 35.48% 

Right PH GSM 850 TX 8.91% ,RX 10%

Right PH GSM 900 TX 12.59% ,RX 12.59 %

Right PH GSM 1800 TX 25.12% ,RX 25.12% 

Right PH GSM 1900 TX 28.18% ,RX 25.12% 



The report of  report with return-loss , 3D efficiency and 3D radiation pattern was submitted to client.

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