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Testing System



Green Antenna Testing System is an advanced testing solution for antennas that enables precise and accurate measurement of their performance. This system consists of several components, including an anechoic antenna testing chamber, a horn antenna, a signal generator, measurement instruments, a computer-controlled turntable, and software to control the entire testing process. The system is capable of generating, sending and receiving signals, and recording the position of the Device Under Test (DUT) along with the measurement results.


Anechoic Chamber



The anechoic chamber in the Green Antenna Testing System measures 7 x 3 meters, making it large enough to accommodate antennas of various sizes. This size enables the chamber to provide an environment that is free from unwanted reflections, ensuring that accurate measurements can be taken.

The turntable within the chamber consists of a horizontal axis and a vertical arm that can be controlled by a computer. This combination allows the system to measure the position of the antenna in three dimensions accurately. The turntable is also designed to rotate the antenna, which is essential when measuring antenna performance in multiple directions.

The horn antenna used in the system is capable of measuring the vertical and horizontal components of the electromagnetic field separately. This ability is crucial in accurately measuring the radiation pattern of the antenna. The horn antenna is connected to a signal generator and measurement instrument, which allows the system to generate and measure electromagnetic waves.


Testing Software



The testing software allows users to perform either passive or active antenna tests. It enables users to define frequency ranges, control the position of the turntable, and collect test data.

In passive antenna tests, the data collected is then processed to generate 2D and 3D radiation patterns. These radiation patterns are graphical representations of the antenna's performance, and they provide a clear visualization of the antenna's radiation characteristics in different directions. The radiation patterns can be used to optimize the antenna design and improve its performance.

In active antenna tests, the software can calculate the Total Radiated Power (TRP) and Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS) of the antenna. TRP measures the total power radiated by the antenna, while TIS measures the antenna's ability to receive signals from all directions equally. These metrics are critical in determining the overall performance of the antenna and are useful in comparing different antenna designs.

Green Antenna Testing System provides a reliable and efficient method to test the performance of antennas, making it an essential tool for any organization involved in antenna development, manufacturing, or research.


Antenna Test Service: Passive Antenna Test


  • Antenna Efficiency test using 3D Anechoic Chamber

Test Reports Include

  • Antenna Efficiency
  • Return Loss
  • VSWR
  • Antenna Gain
  • 3D Radiation pattern

Estimated Time

  • One day for one device, including setup time


Antenna Test Service: Active Antenna Test - Total Radiated Power (TRP)


  • Device's TRP test using 3D Anechoic Chamber, applicable for GSM / 3G WCDMA /BT / WIFI systems

Test Reports Include

  • Devices' TRP results
  • EIRP
  • Antenna Gain
  • 3D Radiation pattern

Estimated Time

  • Measurement for one Band (3 Channels) will take 30 minutes. Typically, one device measurement will be completed within half day, including setup time and measurement time for up to 4 Bands.


Antenna Test Service: Active Antenna Test - Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS)


  • Device's TIS test using 3D Anechoic Chamber, applicable for GSM / 3G WCDMA /BT systems

Test Reports Include

  • Devices' TIS results
  • UHIS
  • PIGS
  • 3D Radiation pattern

Estimated Time

  • Measurement for one Band (3 Channels) will take 2 hours. Typically, 3 bands can be measured in one day, including setup time.


Antenna Test Service: Pre-compliance EMC Measurement


  • Device's EMC performance using 3D Anechoic Chamber

Test Reports Include

  • Devices' EMC Analysis

Estimated Time

  • One day for one device including setup time.

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