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Television White Space Technology

Television White Space (TVWS) technology is a wireless communication technology that utilizes unused or underutilized portions of the TV frequency spectrum to provide broadband internet access or other telecommunication services. These unused frequencies are typically located in the VHF and UHF bands and can be found between active TV channels.

The Green Antenna GA232303WS01 antenna boasts high efficiency and high gain, making it an excellent choice for TV White Space (TVWS) systems. Its wideband design enables it to operate over a frequency range of 637MHz to 739MHz, providing flexibility and compatibility with a range of TVWS systems. With a high gain of up to 7.8dBi, the GA232303WS01 antenna can transmit and receive signals over long distances, making it an ideal solution for connecting remote and underserved areas.



Frequency637-739 MHz
S11< -7dB
VSWR< 2.6:1
Average Efficiency74%
Gain5.9 dBi - 7.8 dBi
PolarizationLinear, Vertical
3-dB Beamwidth @ 700MHz80o@XY Plane; 65o@YZ Plane
Dimension260 x 260 x 100 mm
ConnectorSMA Female
MountingU pipe mounting




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