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Information And Quotation Request

To understand you better, please kindly fill in this form. This will help us to understand nature of your project, your schedule and budget. With these information, we can better tailor our quotation and solution to you needs. If some of the technical spec are not finalized or budget data not available, it's not a problem. Just fill in an estimation or leave the fields blank. Thank you for taking your time to give us the information. We will contact you shortly after we hear from you.
Product or Service you need other than options above
Required quantity of our product or service. If you wish to use Anechoic Chamber, you may put expected duration here.
When do you expect to start the project?
How long do you expect us to deliver result to you?
Budget estimation other than options listed above
On what device will our product or design be used, other than above listed options?
Please list all Frequency Bands that the design or device will work in, such as AMPS, GPS, BT, etc
Please use this space for any other requirements you have.

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